Geek Tank Radio: 1.28.2023: Ant Zombie Fungus and Night Court

Max leads off with a discussion about the science of ant fungus that is behind the concept of the new show “The Last of Us”. Then, Joe needs a little counseling for this season of “The Bad Batch”. Brandon turns out to be a Jedi level therapist. The whole gang agrees that the reboot of “Night Court” has the potential to find its own way. Everyone is waiting to see the parade of crazy characters and cameos that made the show so great.

Geek Tank Radio: 1.14.2023: Flying Rods and Sky Fish

Joe, Allan, and Max get started with a discussion of the new season of “The Bad Batch” and why a lot of the animated shows are actually great story telling. Max then takes Joe and Allan down a strange rabbit hole as they get into the theories, conspiracies, and science behind the flying rods phenomenon. They explore modern technologies and their eccentricities.

Tool Talk Radio 1.14.2023: Repair Cold Related Damage

The study of Albert Einstein’s brain leads to the discussion of nature versus nurture about being a genius or just learning new skills at any age. Allan gets into discussing cold related roof repairs, gutter issues, and landscape problems. Allan and Joe disagree over poking holes in the rim of a paint can. The guys wrap up with a discussion about the construction of the Svalbard Global Seed Bank Vault.

Tool Talk Radio: 1.07.2023: Removing Popcorn Ceilings and Broken Sprinkler Heads

Joe and Allan start off the show with a salute to P-22 the celebrity puma of the Hollywood Hills. Next, they tackle the topic of how to remove popcorn finish from a ceiling. Allan tells the story of dry and wet sprinkler systems and replacing a broken sprinkler head. Joe shows off one of his favorite tools, the bar clamp. Both of them are fascinated by the hotel in Sweden made completely of ice and just how you build something like that. They wrap up telling tool tales about routers and coping saws.