Expeditious Writing Tips :-)

Keep adjectives and adverbs (‘ly’ words) to a minimum, and don’t modify ‘said’ with adverbs.


A Summer of Fun with the DOP Authors Around Town gang!

It was an exciting summer for the Dark Oak Press authors as they appeared in new Dark Oak Press Authors Around Town events. Authors Kristi Bradley, Robert J. Krog, Herika R. Raymer, Wes Yahola, & Pat Sawtelle had lots of fun meeting readers and exploring where they get their ideas, why they write in specific genres, or discussing the voices in a writer’s head.

They opened their fun with a June appearance at Book Stop Plus in Bartlett. July found Robert and Herika at South Main Book Juggler talking about Explaining the Unexplainable with Fiction. In early August the new Two Rivers Bookstore hosted Pat and Herika telling customers about the ways the Mid-South appears in fiction. Then in late August, South Main Book Juggler hosed Kristi and Pat talking on Suspense vs Cozy Tension in Fiction.

Two Rivers hosted us again featuring Wes, Robert and Kristi having lively discussions with customers on Folklore & Fiction. The final event of this first round of fun came in late September where all the authors appeared at the Germantown Community Library having a laughingly fun discussion about how the Mid-South appears in their writing. That discussion quickly expanded to plotter versus pantser fun and a surprise visit by the always funny Allan Gilbreath.

We encourage you to explore all the places Dark Oak Press authors and artists are showing up like Geek Tank Radio, the new It’s All About Writing classes and through the many wonderful books they’ve written. Books are available in print or electronic format for your enjoyment.

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New Release!!!

elmwoodxlgThis is the book you have been waiting for!  Murder and a famous cemetery, the perfect combination for Halloween!

Stories To Die For

The amazing storytellers of Malice in Memphis specialize in taking historical locations and fictionally embellishing them with new characters, mysteries, and murder. They have now taken on Memphis’ finest and oldest active burial ground, the famous Elmwood Cemetery.

Founded in 1852, it is the final resting place of over 75,000 residents. From the common to the infamous, from the powerful to the famous, they are all here. The tapestry of life and death in the Mid-South is laid out in a beautiful garden cemetery with sweeping vistas, massive ancient trees, and spectacular monuments from the Victorian age to modern sculptures.

Malice in Memphis is now adding their special touch to the myriad of stories drifting among the mausoleums.


The Tales:
A Love Story by Mary Balsamo
An Elmwood Misadventure by Juanita D. Houston
A Part to Die For by Richard Powell
Bloodline, by Angelyn Sherrod
Date Night by Larry Hoy
Forget Me Nots by Elaine Meece
From Hair to Eternity by Phyllis Appleby
Grave Robbers by Kristi Bradley
Graveyard Grace by Barbara Christopher
Headshrinker by Susan Wooten
Hold Please by Lynn Maples
One Dare Too Many by Annette Miller
Public Death Private Murder by Carolyn McSparren
The 21st Battalion Will March at Dawn by Dutch Warren
The Furnace Room by James C. Paavola
The Yellow Fever Revenge by Jackie Ross Flaum
Unsolved Forever by Thomas Kienzle
A Very Worthy Human Being by Richard Powell
Returning to Russwood Park by Barbara Christopher
One Big Foot in the Grave by Phyllis Appleby
Rainbow Lake by Kristi Bradley
Fort Pillow Escape by Juanita D. Houston
Holding On To You by Angelyn Sherrod


That is correct.  You read the opening line just fine.  Through a special arrangement though Tech Ed and National College (2576 Thousand Oaks Cove), we are sponsoring a filmed seminar series.  Space will be limited to twelve (12) people for these first few events.  All the dates are on Thursday nights from 7 pm to 8 pm.  Each seminar will be filmed and set up for viewing online.  Only one reservation per person and the first twelve in is it.  Email your request to service@darkoakpress.com.

Sept 28th – National College/Tech Ed – The Beginner’s Guide to Writing for Publication
When do you call yourself a writer? Writing style- Pantser / Plotter. Why did you become a writer? What is & purpose of – Beta Readers, a Critique Group or Writer’s Group. Genre Blending – Where Do I Fit In – How to decide what genre you write. Balancing the day job while writing. Did you choose the genre or did it pick you? Do you write with an audience in mind? How do you keep from giving up before the story is finished?

Oct 19th – National College/Tech Ed – Polish your work and make it shine – before you hit send
Rules are meant to be broken sometimes, but you must learn them before breaking them.  The Rule of Three – One of the oldest techniques in writing used to create engaging content. Have you finished your first short story or novel?  Formatting 101 – Follow the Guidelines.Grammar & Punctuation – Common Mistakes that Drive Editor’s Crazy

Nov 16th – National College/Tech Ed – Finding Your Voice – I Didn’t Know I Lost It
What is voice in writing and how to find yours; the difference between voice & style.  Writer’s Block has you stalled – try these tips to breakout of the box.

Dec 21st – National College/Tech Ed – Instilling Humor in Your Writing
Even the darkest of themes can use a little humor. How does humor and horror go together? The humorous laugh versus the nervous titter? Do readers and authors laugh at the same thing? Why have humor? Does the humor flow naturally or do you have to work it in to change the scene?

Upcoming Appearances:

September  23rd at Two Rivers Bookstore (Memphis, TN)
From 4 pm to 6 pm
Featuring: Robert Krog, Wes Yahola, and Kristi Bradley

September 23rd Pirates Raid at the Benjamin Hooks Main Library
From 11 am – 2 pm
Featuring: Allan Gilbreath

September 30th at Germantown Public Library (Germantown, TN)
From 2 pm to 4 pm
Featuring: Numerous writers at event