Tool Talk Radio: 5.07.2022: From Scissors to Amps on the Breaker

Joe and Allan start out with a salute scissors and cutting throughout history. In Critter Wars, be careful, lots of critters are leaving the nest and getting into trouble. Next, the guys launch into why the proper rating on a breaker is so important. Joe gets into the perils of expanding foam and the advantages of boring bits. They wrap up with why it is so important to fix that drip.

Geek Tank Radio: 5.07.2022: Moon Knight wraps up and The Multiverse of Madness gets started.

Joe, Brandon, and Allan wrap up episode six of Moon Knight. Egyptian mythology is now in the MCU. The Multiverse of Madness opens up a lot of options for the MCU for the next phase of movies. In science, lots of ground water in Antarctica holds a lot of implications for everything from global warming to the biology of exoplanets. The guys wrap up with the pros and cons of fan fic productions.

Tool Talk Radio: 4.30.2022: From USB Cord Overload to Painting Without a Drop Cloth

Joe, Allan, and Max start the show off with a salute to the doghouse. They follow up with USB cord overload in your home office and what else may happen in the house of the future. There is a cautionary tale about roller painting without a drop cloth and the guys wrap it all up with the role of a contractor.

Geek Tank Radio: 4.30.2022: Space News, Conventions, Moon Knight gets crazier, and Creativity

Joe, Brandon, and Allan are joined by Jeremy Veldman from the Memphis Astronomical Society with a list of upcoming celestial events. Then they answer a question from the mailbag about what other conventions would they check out. Episode five of Moon Knight gets even crazier. The guys wrap it up with a discussion about suffering for your art.

Tool Talk Radio: 4.23.2022: From Battery Powered Tools to Wildlife Bridges

Joe and Allan get things rolling with a salute to weather stripping then followed up on recycling plastics. There are a couple of cautionary tales about how not to install a closet light and properly using flashing. Joe keeps buying new battery powered tools, then beware what may be lurking underground. The guys wrap up discussing animal over and under passes.

Geek Tank Radio: 4.23.2022: From the Opera to Moon Knight

Ned Canty from Opera Memphis joins Joe, Brandon , and Allan for an uplifting conversation about 30 Days of Opera and Singers on Segways. They get into the evolution of stage special effects and the power of story. The Bad Geek Confession is morphing into The Geek Mailbag. The guys touch on your parents giving away your comic books and Moon Knight finally hits real lunacy.