June Is Catch-up Month

You’re half-way through the year and it’s time to kick that reading into high gear if you’re behind on your plan. Busy summer schedules will test your ability to stay on track but never fear. The authors of Dark Oak Press and Media have another group of ideas for you. Short story collections abound in this month’s recommendations. You can get to the end of the story quicker with those while leaving you time to read a longer tale as well.

  • Fantasy – The Stone Maiden and Other Tales
  • Literary – Mabon & Pomegranate by Kimberly Richardson
  • Non-fiction – Miami’s Dark Tales by Kalila Smith
  • Young Adult – Sarah Miller and the Missing Necklace by Heather Stowe
  • Mystery – Malice in Memphis Ghost Stories Edited by Carolyn McSparren

Cooling Chills with Haunted Explorations

Do you love a good haunted house? Maybe you love taking haunted tours in the cities you visit. Sit back, turn up the volume, and click on the videos below for some hauntingly good tales.

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Picking Out Summer Reading In May

Summer is around the corner and books are an important part of relaxing by the pool or camping in the woods. Murder mysteries are great for fireside camping chills or maybe you prefer reading that vampire story under the safety of the sun. Here are some recommendations from the authors of Dark Oak Press and Media. Don’t forget to review the stories!

  • Young Adult – The Elysian Chronicles: A Prophecy Forgotten by M.B. Weston
  • Fantasy – Crimson Kiss by Trisha Baker
  • Steampunk – The Lightning Bolts of Zeus by D. Alan Lewis
  • Fantasy – Galen by Allan Gilbreath
  • Literary – Tales From A Goth Librarian by Kimberly Richardson
  • Mystery – Malice In Memphis Elmwood: Stories to Die For Edited by Carolyn McSparren