Movie Rights!!!

Alan Lewis is happy to announce that the movie/TV rights for his first novel, ‘The Blood in Snowflake Garden’ have been optioned by Sidecar Inc. Brian Buckner, executive producer of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ and his production team are working to developed the novel into an ongoing murder mystery television series in the tradition of Twin Peaks.
So, everyone keep your fingers crossed that one of the networks will bite and pick it up!

Read Chapter One here:

Snowflake Garden

2 thoughts on “Movie Rights!!!

  1. The book would be a VERY good fit to the visual media. I’d really like to see this go through (and not just because I want Alan to be successful). The book is told in a noir style but the visuals would be truly stunning. The setting itself is like an additional character in the book. There’s everything from factory slums to candy-cane castles; there’s amazing potential.

    Congrats and good luck.



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