You need some adventure this Holiday!


Orphaned by a brutal raid on a colony ship, young Kylee is alone in the universe. But she finds a new family in the form of a professional bounty hunter, a psychopathic alien, a professional duelist, and a big game hunter, his wife and their twin sons. They’re an odd mix…but family is what you make it. And when one man’s greed threatens the entire Frontier, Kylee and her new family stand in his way. Helped by a smuggler-turned-gambling magnate and the surviving members of the Fifth Acadian Militia, they’re about to teach a few lessons about whit it means to be free, and maybe get a little payback along the way. Doc Smith style space opera with a sizable helping of H. Rider Haggard, Calamity’s Child delivers larger-than-life characters, exotic settings from deep space to the veldt of a new Africa, and enough action to satisty a two-ton homocidal alien. The real currency of the Frontier isn’t guns or money. It’s loyalty.

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