The review for Syrenthia Falls by the Horror Zine is now available!!!

Syrenthia FallsSee entire review here:

Syrenthia Falls

Review by Jeani Rector

Lately the attention has been focused on teenagers who are bullied, but what about those who are completely ignored? Syrenthia is a high school student who is a wallflower in every sense of the word. She is ignored by peers, teachers, and even her own parents who have their own issues. She desperately wants to have friends, but the few times she has reached out to others, they were mean in return.

Until the day at school when Sarah talks to her. Sarah has an interesting group of friends who love “urban legends.” They tell Syrenthia about a place called “The Falls” where a so-called monster lives. Syrenthia is thrilled when Sarah invites her to eat lunch with her group.

I found myself absorbed by Syrenthia’s pain and loneliness. Author Alexander S. Brown successfully portrays his character’s emotions and social awkwardness. He creates an interesting, multi-faceted protagonist who has depth and resourcefulness. Brown is quite accomplished, because I found myself wishing I had been kinder to other students when I was in high school.

Syrenthia’s Falls is part Young Adult, part adult reading. I think the character can touch all genres. However, this is not to say that Syrenthia’s Falls is all sweetness. Quite the contrary. Once Syrenthia explores the urban legend of “The Falls,” the pace picks up and the book becomes quite horrific.

Once powerless, now Syrenthia finds herself with too much power. Just give into it. If you give in and don’t fight, things won’t be as bad, the darkness insisted. She has to hide her power from many things, including the police. Only Sarah is still on her side.

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