#Writing: Adding Action vs. Raising the Stakes

Check out this blog post on making your action scenes more cohesive by one of our authors:

M. B. Weston's Official Website

It’s easy to add in a few action sequences to get your story moving, but without raising the stakes for your protagonist, the story might still fall flat.

I’m working on the second draft of my urban-fantasy, pulp novella, and unfortunately, I’ve had to reconstruct the entire last quarter of the story. (You know, the part that includes rise to the climax and the climax. No big deal, right?)

This is a pulp novel, meaning it requires fast pacing and a plethora of action sequences. Because I’m rewriting the last four chapters, I’m having to start over with my writing process. I’ve practically been writing each chapter from scratch and pulling out bits and pieces from the old chapters. As usual, my first attempts at writing any scene involve basically dialogue and a bit of stage directions. As I’ve been looking over each of the chapters, I’ve been telling myself, “This is…

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