Let’s keep the creepy going!

goth2xlgKimberly Richardson guides you back into the dark book stacks where you explore her strangely compelling world. She visits a few old favorites and then boldly heads deeper into her macabre imagination asking shadowy questions.


*Some women run hot and cold, but just to what extreme?
*Would you dare to explore the magicks of the Autumnlands?
*How far would you go for the perfect cup of tea?
*Can you enjoy an evening of cool jazz under a very full moon?
*Can you figure out the prophecy of dust?
*Do you think we should seek for ways of achieving intellectual power?
*Just how quirky are the Fae?
*You just never know what you are going to get on a first date, do you?
*Can you really find happiness in a tea cup?
*Walking at night with a bag full of memories, but looking for what?
*How do you say thank you for last night?
*A house becomes a home, but does it actually live?
*How does one actually get to interview the Green Faery?
*Elder bushes and dryads, just where is the city of Mabon?
*Can bookstores really be a haven for those in need?
*In case you didn’t know, all violins are possessed, aren’t they?
*Mabon is a place of great magick, but just what do you do with it?
*Do powerful people really make powerful friends?
*Does Auberon love you completely, all the way to your bones?

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