Never too many Vampires!

GalenEnter a world of passion and violence, decadence and death. Meet Galen, distinguished and mysterious stranger in town on business. Galen is rich in more than one sense, a compelling fellow who knows the way to a woman’s heart. But Galen is having a bad month and nothing is going right for him. A wonderful date turns into an unplanned procreative experience, much to his distress, leaving him responsible for an awkward and demanding youngling. Worse yet, his accountant has gotten curious about the intricate financial network in which he keeps his considerable wealth. Still, Galen draws on his resources to keep everything together, and almost succeeds…

Allan Gilbreath takes the classic vampire motif to a whole new level. He spins the familiar legends into a distinctive shape, as most writers do, and I certainly found the results entertaining. What really makes it work, though, is Gilbreath’s astounding attention to detail. Even the most mundane scenes shimmer with a luxurious light, and the entire story overflows with sensual imagery. This is what most vampire erotica strives to become and falls short of; it also sets a high standard for the fanciful erotica of domination and submission. Gilbreath links fantasy with danger and satisfaction with death to excellent effect, and the plot tension between the various characters sets a wonderful stage for the little details that bring it all to life. Galen holds great interest for fans of horror and romance, especially with the kinky edge that characterizes the best vampire erotica. Highly recommended

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