More Clockwork!

dosiixlgMurder, mystery, and amazing steam technology come together to give you a dark taste of the prim and proper Victorian age. Steampunk teases your imagination with the fantastic and makes dreams a reality. These 25 incredible stories will take you to a time in history when crazy inventions and scandal were born.

The Tales:
Of Heroes and Airships – Victor Lorthos – One reporter’s unforgettable journey!
Death With A Glint Of Bronze – Sean Taylor – Criminal hands hide dirty secrets.
For The Fear Of Steam – Missa Dixon – Charlie is back with new friends and adventures!
Dreams Of Freedom – Len Berry – Texas honor comes to London!
The Real Magic – H. David Blalock – Sometimes, the real magic comes from within.
The Third Eye – Alexander S. Brown – How far would you go to solve a murder?
In Tesla’s Court – Robert Cerio – Twain, Tesla and time travel!
Commander Tesla Versus The Holy Roman Empire – Phillip R. Cox – Nikola Tesla prepares for war!
Protege – Dwayne DeBardelaben – Have you ever been happier in your life?
The Perfect Woman – Kara Ferguson – How far will you go to find that “special” someone?
The Tale Of Lady Helvetica – Christopher Friesen – Murder most foul, but with serious style.
The Locked Door – Allan Gilbreath – Inspector Peele faces another phenomenal mystery!
Great Minds – Jeff Ollen Harris – What would you use to fuel your rocket?
Grass Elephant – M. Keaton – Return to the Dark Continent!
Cicada Summer – Jon Klement – A brave girl faces an alien menace in the old West!
The Big Golden Apple – Cindy MacLeod – One man’s folly is truly his reality.
The Automated Man – Alli Martin – Going against the grain can sometimes give ironic results.
Jumping The Rails – Jared Millet – Man vs. Machine . . . or is it?
Chilled Meat – J. L. Mulvihill – Can murder ever be fair play?
Steam Race – Herika R. Raymer – Gas vs. Steam: the race is on!
Winnet’s Octavian – Laura H. Smith – A young girl goes far to protect her only friend.
The Devil’s Children – Angelia Sparrow and Joy Coop – Family comes first, no matter what.
The Boys In The Boiler Room – David Tabb – Sam Spade, Steampunk style!
Bedeviled – Nick Valentino – Demonic torment for the greater glory of art.
The Island Sojourn – Stephen Zimmer – Harvey the cat solves another case!

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