My apologizes for the accumulation of dust in here.  Let’s get back down to business shall we.

Reinvention is the name of the game in the book and media business these days.  Let me tell you that reinvention is a tiring and ugly business.  We spend countless hours trying to make sense of the news, stats, and sales trends as they are published.  Since all that and 6 bucks will get you a cup of mocha latte, just what is this business? This is honestly now a business of passion.  If you dove into this business to get rich, may I suggest a very long list of things are easier to do than this.  With that said, passion is a wonderful thing and sometimes you just have to take a little time to rekindle the love and passion of what got you here to start with.

News:  A new Malice in Memphis project is in the works.  If you have not gotten caught in their wonderful world of real places and fictional murders then check out:

News:  J. L. Mulvihill is back with her upcoming Return To Easa.  Currently wrapping up in editing, a release date will be released very soon.  Check out book one at:

News:  Kristi Bradley is in the process of bring us her next book, Mysticalities.  Lose yourself in book one of the series, Mysta, here:

Lots more updates on the way !!!




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