A day in the life.

This week has been a wonderful example of the oddity of the writer’s life.  Let’s start with all your mundane responsibilities: job, significant other, pets, kids, school, weather, movies, social media, show binges, just to name few things.  For me, for the next weeks there are also a few appearances, radio shows, podcasts, and training for a pirate show on the 23rd.  It is just amazing the amount of stuff we can get ourselves into.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but, it kept the writer swimming in ideas.

Full moon – go howl, celestial events – go look, just plain weird thing to go do – go do it.  It all feeds your psyche.  It keeps  you moving and grooving.  Sadly, these days it is so easy to forget the rule of ROI.  What is a ROI you ask.  Simply put, it is your return on investment.  Certainly, I am not suggesting you live life like is a ledger sheet.  However, I most certainly am.  Next time you lose yourself and spend a couple of hours surfing your social media you need to ask yourself “Was that worth it?”  “Did it advance my goals?”

When your life is already over booked and you are not just tired, but you are dancing up to the the edge of exhaustion, you need to be greedy of the minutes available.  Fifteen minutes of moonlight may be far more valuable than fifteen minutes of discovering your “dear” friend is a political retard on social media.  Go read a new book.  Play in the moonlight.  Write that story.  Avoid the pointless time sucking beasts.  You might even get in a little extra sleep.

Upcoming Appearances:

September 10th Renee Live Show – Podcast
Show starts 8 pm Central – 10 pm
Featuring: Allan Gilbreath

September  23rd at Two Rivers Bookstore (Memphis, TN)
From 4 pm to 6 pm
Featuring: Robert Krog, Wes Yahola, and Kristi Bradley

September 23rd Pirates Raid at the Benjamin Hooks Main Library
From 11 am – 2 pm
Featuring: Allan Gilbreath

September 30th at Germantown Public Library (Germantown, TN)
From 2 pm to 4 pm
Featuring: Numerous writers at event


Discover Something New:

When Dragons Sleep
Steven Glen Baird

Dragons Reign Supreme

Mankind had no place in a world where dragons reign supreme. In fact, they were considered little more than a distraction for the young or bored, insignificant insects to be manipulated for entertainment or destroyed as pests. All that changed when Thytira, one of the greatest mages of dragonkind, discovered that the magic of man may have merit after all. After living among humanity for centuries to learn their lore and increase his own power, he emerged as the most powerful dragon of his generation. But all knowledge has a price, and years spent among mankind cursed Thytira with the greatest liability a dragon can have: a conscience.

Now as war drums sound and a new, terrifying threat arises from humanity, Thytira alone stands between the wrath of dragonkind and the total destruction of humanity. However, the fate of men and dragon alike may ultimately depend upon the decisions of a young woman who long ago denied the birthright of her race. But that is only if Thytira can find her …


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