Quite the month :-)

elmwoodxlgWell, October has been a wonderful month and not just because it has everyone’s favorite holiday in it.  Our dear friends at Malice in Memphis released their latest book Elmwood: Stories To Die For and it is a big hit.  Special thanks to Book Stop Plus
(https://bookstopplus.com/) for the sold out book signing today.  That’s right, a full on sell out!  Don’t worry, stop by and pick up a copy from them and the next big signing will be at Novel Memphis
(http://novelmemphis.com/) on Nov 21st at 6pm.  Buy your books early and bring them back for the signing.  That way you know you will get your book. http://www.darkoakpress.com/elmwood.html

returneasaxlgNext in October, the amazing Jen Mulvihill has released the greatly anticipated Return To Easa.  The cover art is by the master artist Mitch Foust (http://mitchfoustart.com/).  If you are not familiar with his massive body of work, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

“Death is losing its hold in the land of Authora. As the dead rise and sleepers awake, the weaving of webs begins and the lines blur between the two worlds as memories fade from one to another. Elsie Lind is slowly remembering and regaining her past, but in doing so, she has become an outlaw and now the most coveted woman in Authora.”  http://www.darkoakpress.com/returneasa.html

easaxlgIn honor of the sequel’s release, we have asked amazing artist Mathew Kaminski (http://matkaminski.blogspot.com/) to give The Lost Daughter Of Easa a bit of a face lift.

“After falling through a portal, seventeen-year-old Elsie Lind awakens with amnesia and lost in a forest. She must draw on her instincts of self-preservation to escape ravenous wild beasts, goblins, demons, and a dark witch who knows the secret of her past.”


And just to start November off right, Malice in Memphis is holding their annual retreat and the rumor is that their just may be a murder to solve, the murder of our very own Allan Gilbreath.

In the unlikely event he survives the retreat, Allan is scheduled to appear at the Desoto Writers Alliance in Southhaven, MS. on Saturday 4th at 10:30 am to answer questions about publishing.  Come on out 🙂



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