Surviving the Day Job and Family while Writing and Promoting by Kristi Bradley

Balancing the day job while writing is not easy. Add family to the mix, and it becomes even more of a challenge. But with the three Ds – dedication, discipline, and determination, you can achieve your goals. Free time is now WRITING time. Sleep? Phfft. Who needs sleep? My children are older now, but my writing time was after their bedtime and lasted way into the night until I had to get a few hours’ sleep before the alarm went off.

Okay, I won’t sugar coat it. It’s not easy. You have to set boundaries, even with family. They have to learn when to leave you alone.

“Mommy?” Knock, knock, knock. “I want a snack.”
“Unless you’re bleeding from your eyeballs, go away!”

And once you’re published, it gets even more difficult. Now you have to promote. This means you have to put yourself “Out There.” An introvert’s worst nightmare. Bottom line, it comes down to planning. Most writers set a goal of a number of words they plan to write per day. Just as you plan your writing time, plan for promotion time. Social media is at our fingertips. Use it. Just don’t make your fans, or soon-to-be-fans, sick of you by over-promoting yourself. That defeats the purpose. Include fun stuff or things that interest you, not just your writing. And don’t forget to promote your friends and other authors you follow as well. Mix it up.

If you’re serious, you’ll find the time. Forget the excuses and figure out a way. With the three Ds, you can balance the day job, family, writing, and promotion. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure proceeds success. Keep writing.

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