Catching What the Writing Muse Flings at You (Part 2) by M. B. Weston

Writer’s Hack 2: Use DropBox (or any other form of google docs/cloud storage). As mentioned earlier, I keep my writing files in Dropbox. I can access them on my smartphone, tablet, and any computer with internet access. Better yet, the original documents are stored on my hard drive. DropBox acts as a backup that I can access anywhere.

Writer’s Hack 3: Your smartphone’s Notes app. I’m not as familiar with Androids, but iPhones come equipped with the Notes app. It’s really simple. Open app. Click the Add Note symbol. Write a note. Close app. I use Notes during those times when I don’t have internet access, but I need to get that scene in my head written down somewhere. (A little celeb tip: you can also type out a paragraph, take a screenshot, and use that as an Instagram post…) Watch for Part 3 and keep writing!

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