Hooking your Reader by Kristi Bradley

Just as a fisherman needs a hook to catch fish, writers need hooks to catch and keep readers. To do this, start and end each chapter with something meant to keep the reader reading to reach THE END. There is no need to ask a literal question at the beginning or end, but leave the reader with questions so they are compelled to turn pages to find the answers.

This can be a challenge, but it’s not as hard as you might think. My favorite first line is also the last line and the first chapter in Stephen King’s Needful Things.

You’ve been here before.

There you have it, the need to turn the page to find out why you’ve been here before.

Look, don’t stress yourself with this process. Write the story, then go back and work on your hooks. You might find they write themselves. Pay attention to best-selling authors and how they do this. You probably weren’t even aware of the author’s hook hooking you until you’d been hooked.

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