How to Distract a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writer in Ten Easy Steps by M. B. Weston

In case you are wondering how a science fiction/fantasy writer can sit down at a computer for an hour without producing anything of value, check out this list:

1. I am really annoyed with this chapter. It’s not flowing…
2. I wonder how my blog did today? Let me check…
3. Oh! I think need some chamomile tea. :::makes tea:::
4. I should check my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram notifications.
5. I am getting so distracted! I need someone standing behind me with a whip.
6. :::breaks into song::: “Where there’s a whip, [crack] there’s a way…”
7. Why didn’t Peter Jackson do The Hobbit like Bass and Rankin? #headdesk
8. I should update my social media status about my pathetic ability to stay on target.
9. “He’s too close!” “Stay on target.” “I can’t shake him!” “Stay on target.”
10. Why did George Lucas insist on directing Episodes 1-3 himself? #doubleheaddesk.

Hmmmm. I think I need some chamomile tea….Well, enough distractions. Time to get back to the writing. I think the monster is about to appear.

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