From Possessed Raccoons to Deranged Ducks

Discover 19 extraordinary stories ranging from dark fantasy to science fiction and steampunk. Allan Gilbreath has created a stimulating collection of possessed raccoons, doubtful demons, secret potions, Hellish mornings, murderous black holes, dangerous missions, miniature dragons, fake vampires, real ducks, and a cranky detective. This collection showcases Allan’s astounding attention to detail and the sensual imagery his works are famous for.

  • The Stories:
    My House – Enjoy a new house complete with a demonic raccoon.
    The Little Demon Doubt – Infidelity and a knife thrower.
    Afternoon Lemonade – How to straighten out those pesky teenagers.
    By The Numbers – Why you should always stick to the plan.
    Just Beneath the Surface – Are you doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons?
    Good Intentions – As a matter of fact, the road to Hell is paved by the Good Intentions Paving Company.
    Time To Come Out And Play – How do you find something you don’t believe in?
    Twilight’s Last Gleaming – If you could travel in time, could you just sit by and watch?
    First Impression – How do you make a good first impression with an alien species?
    The Glamour Of It All – Now you know how those interstellar cruise ships stay so squeaky clean.
    Origins – Accidents and dragons do happen.
    Anatidaephobia – Two nuns and a vampire with duck under his arm walk into a bar …
    Mr. Crump Don’t Like It – Never play where you get the pay.
    The Tale Of Two Shelves – You never know what you can do yourself.
    The Smile – A touching moment can happen at any time.
    An Odd Demise – A locked room and spontaneous human combustion mystery.
    Lepus Europaeus – Jack Lago tries to unravel an Easter mystery.
    Toradh Of The Gem – Jack Lago solves the case of thieving faeries.
    The Abere – Jack Lago and the beautiful man-eating crocodile woman.

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