Tool Talk Radio: 1.22.2022

Joe and Allan start out with a salute to the saw horse then get distracted by a new 14,000 pound 18 foot across from handle to handle frying pan by the Lodge Cast Iron Company. Next, they talk winter roofing with Jay Hill from Big M Roofing. They stay with winter issues as they cover water keys, water shut offs, and frozen pipes. They wrap up with how much fun it is to restore old furniture.

Tool Talk Radio: 1.08.2022

Joe and Allan salute indoor showers and take a short history trip on the topic of being clean. Next, the guys try to unravel the world of futures purchasing and lumber prices. Then, they take on what industry in space might be like. Joe heads back to Earth with the benefits of 320 grit sandpaper and they wrap up with Allan’s “encounter of the opossum kind”.