Get Geek For The Holidays!

The hustle and bustle of the holidays, endless holiday movies and music, even sometimes a bit too much time with family, can leave the Geek in us begging for some attention. Never fear…we have a solution! Enjoy some of the classic Geek Tank Radio podcasts and recharge your protective cape with some Geek Speak.

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Geek Tank Radio Podcast: Gotham City Sanitation Department

Geek Tank Radio Podcast: The Two Second Tattoo Parlor

Geek Tank Radio Podcast: Live From MCFC 2019

Geek Tank Radio Podcast: Con Crud Infection Tablets

Geek Tank Radio Podcast: Godzilla Tobasco Sauce

Geek Tank Radio Podcast: Optimus Prime Beef

Geek Tank Radio Podcast:Society For The Protection Of 50 Year Old Babies

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Reach Your Goal With Some November Reading

The year is almost over but you still have time to fit in a bit of reading. Here’s a short list from the authors of Dark Oak Press and Media to help you stay on track for that New Year’s Resolution.

  • Fantasy – Crimson Shadows by Trisha Baker
  • Fantasy / Science Fiction / Steampunk – Allan Gilbreath: A Short Story Collection
  • Cozy Paranormal – Chalice Moon by Pat Sawtelle
  • Fantasy / Conspiracy – The Artifice Conspiracy by Wes Yahola




September Reading For Chilly Nights

The days are growing shorter and chilly nights are slowly creeping into our lives. September is the start of the creepy season and here are a few stories to get you on the right path from the authors of Dark Oak Press and Media. Hope you enjoy these!

  • Fantasy – Crimson Night by Trisha Baker
  • Fantasy – Dark Chances by Alan Gilbreath
  • Non-fiction – Searching for Spirits by Kalila Smith
  • Young Adult – A Tall Ship, a Star and Plunder

Winding Down Summer With August Books

The last lazy days of summer reading are quickly disappearing, but it’s not too late to add these books on your reading list.  At Dark Oak Press and Media, our authors enjoy writing and we hope you’ll share these book lists and your reviews with friends and family. Thanks for reading!

  • Fantasy – Siege Warriors: A Fantasy Anthology by Brian G. Murray
  • Fantasy – The Cabin by Linda DeLeon
  • Non-fiction – Battles: More Stories from Mee Street by Frankie Lemon
  • Young Adult – The Elysian Chronicles: Out of the Shadows by M.B. Weston



July Calls For Chilling Books

Battle the heat with all kinds of chills. From a story set in the North Pole to the chills from a creepy fantasy book, take time to cool off with these great recommendations from the authors of Dark Oak Press and Media. And thank you for reading and reviewing our work!

  • Mystery – The Blood in Snowflake Garden by D. Alan Lewis
  • Non-fiction – Tales from the French Quarter by Kalila Smith
  • Young Adult – Return To Easa by J. L. Mulvihill
  • Literary – Tales From A Goth Librarian II by Kimberly Richardson



June Is Catch-up Month

You’re half-way through the year and it’s time to kick that reading into high gear if you’re behind on your plan. Busy summer schedules will test your ability to stay on track but never fear. The authors of Dark Oak Press and Media have another group of ideas for you. Short story collections abound in this month’s recommendations. You can get to the end of the story quicker with those while leaving you time to read a longer tale as well.

  • Fantasy – The Stone Maiden and Other Tales
  • Literary – Mabon & Pomegranate by Kimberly Richardson
  • Non-fiction – Miami’s Dark Tales by Kalila Smith
  • Young Adult – Sarah Miller and the Missing Necklace by Heather Stowe
  • Mystery – Malice in Memphis Ghost Stories Edited by Carolyn McSparren