Cities of the Dead and Appearances!

Enjoy our very own Kalila as she gives a tour of the Cities of the Dead in New Orleans!

Appearances: Call and reserve your space early.  We are booking up quickly.

3/24/18 Hernando Topic: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing for Publication
When do you call yourself a writer? Writing style- Pantser / Plotter. Why did you become a writer? What is & purpose of – Beta Readers, a Critique Group or Writer’s Group. Genre Blending – Where Do I Fit In – How to decide what genre you write. Balancing the day job while writing. Did you choose the genre or did it pick you? Do you write with an audience in mind? How do you keep from giving up before the story is finished?
Hernando Public Library – 370 W Commerce St – (662) 429-4439 – 10am – 1pm Central Time

4/19/18 Writing Series – Keeping it Fresh –
Tips to keep your readers engaged. Foreshadowing. How to hint at what’s to come. Select your main characters, but use smaller characters to provide fresh tension, support or humor.
7pm Germantown Community Library – 1925 Exeter Rd. 901-757-7323

5/15/18 Writing Shorts – Keeping it Tight –
Writing Vivid with Fewer Words
7pm Germantown Community Library – 1925 Exeter Rd. 901-757-7323

6/21/18 Crafting Successful Love Scenes –
How to build tension and were to draw the line. Tease, none or all out.
7pm Germantown Community Library – 1925 Exeter Rd. 901-757-7323

6/30/18 Hernando Topic: Writing Romance! Polish your work and make it shine – before you hit send!  Rules are meant to be broken sometimes, but you must learn them before breaking them. The Rule of Three – One of the oldest techniques in writing used to create engaging content. Have you finished your first short story or novel? Formatting 101 – Follow the Guidelines. Grammar & Punctuation – Common Mistakes that Drive Editor’s Crazy.
Hernando Public Library – 370 W Commerce St – (662) 429-4439 – 10am – 1pm Central Time

Quite the month :-)

elmwoodxlgWell, October has been a wonderful month and not just because it has everyone’s favorite holiday in it.  Our dear friends at Malice in Memphis released their latest book Elmwood: Stories To Die For and it is a big hit.  Special thanks to Book Stop Plus
( for the sold out book signing today.  That’s right, a full on sell out!  Don’t worry, stop by and pick up a copy from them and the next big signing will be at Novel Memphis
( on Nov 21st at 6pm.  Buy your books early and bring them back for the signing.  That way you know you will get your book.

returneasaxlgNext in October, the amazing Jen Mulvihill has released the greatly anticipated Return To Easa.  The cover art is by the master artist Mitch Foust (  If you are not familiar with his massive body of work, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

“Death is losing its hold in the land of Authora. As the dead rise and sleepers awake, the weaving of webs begins and the lines blur between the two worlds as memories fade from one to another. Elsie Lind is slowly remembering and regaining her past, but in doing so, she has become an outlaw and now the most coveted woman in Authora.”

easaxlgIn honor of the sequel’s release, we have asked amazing artist Mathew Kaminski ( to give The Lost Daughter Of Easa a bit of a face lift.

“After falling through a portal, seventeen-year-old Elsie Lind awakens with amnesia and lost in a forest. She must draw on her instincts of self-preservation to escape ravenous wild beasts, goblins, demons, and a dark witch who knows the secret of her past.”

And just to start November off right, Malice in Memphis is holding their annual retreat and the rumor is that their just may be a murder to solve, the murder of our very own Allan Gilbreath.

In the unlikely event he survives the retreat, Allan is scheduled to appear at the Desoto Writers Alliance in Southhaven, MS. on Saturday 4th at 10:30 am to answer questions about publishing.  Come on out 🙂



A Summer of Fun with the DOP Authors Around Town gang!

It was an exciting summer for the Dark Oak Press authors as they appeared in new Dark Oak Press Authors Around Town events. Authors Kristi Bradley, Robert J. Krog, Herika R. Raymer, Wes Yahola, & Pat Sawtelle had lots of fun meeting readers and exploring where they get their ideas, why they write in specific genres, or discussing the voices in a writer’s head.

They opened their fun with a June appearance at Book Stop Plus in Bartlett. July found Robert and Herika at South Main Book Juggler talking about Explaining the Unexplainable with Fiction. In early August the new Two Rivers Bookstore hosted Pat and Herika telling customers about the ways the Mid-South appears in fiction. Then in late August, South Main Book Juggler hosed Kristi and Pat talking on Suspense vs Cozy Tension in Fiction.

Two Rivers hosted us again featuring Wes, Robert and Kristi having lively discussions with customers on Folklore & Fiction. The final event of this first round of fun came in late September where all the authors appeared at the Germantown Community Library having a laughingly fun discussion about how the Mid-South appears in their writing. That discussion quickly expanded to plotter versus pantser fun and a surprise visit by the always funny Allan Gilbreath.

We encourage you to explore all the places Dark Oak Press authors and artists are showing up like Geek Tank Radio, the new It’s All About Writing classes and through the many wonderful books they’ve written. Books are available in print or electronic format for your enjoyment.

Check out these links for more fun:


The Artifice Conspiracy – Wes Yahola

wesyaholaMagic and Sabotage

A spy sabotages the demonstration of an experimental magical airship. The explosion kills nearly a hundred people. Among the dead are an imperial princess, a bishop, and most of the family of the wizard Lord Harlow Tammadore, cousin to the airship’s designer and himself an arcane consultant on the ship’s ground breaking propulsion artifice.

Teaming with the Imperial Knight Zorrah Pestle, charged with bringing the perpetrator of the deaths to justice, Harlow seeks revenge for his family’s death.

Together, Harlow and Zorrah uncover a conspiracy involving a rebellious prince about to undergo a ritual that will make him an undead of unspeakable power, a mysterious dragon with a secret agenda all his own, and the development of the most powerful weapon of magic the world has ever known.