March Madness Reading Multiple Books

Embrace the madness and step up your reading with two or three books this month and maybe even read outside of your normal genre. Here is a selection of books from the authors of Dark Oak Press and Media to explore. Don’t forget to write reviews of the books you’re reading this year.

  • Young Adult – The Raven’s War
  • Non-fiction – Afterlife Mysteries Revealed
  • Literary – Paper Garden and Other Stories
  • Fantasy – Knight of the Dove
  • Science Fiction – Star’s Fire



Keep Warm In January – Cozy up with a book!

January is on average the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s time to pick a new book to enjoy as you snuggle up by the fire. Here’s another selection from the authors of Dark Oak Press and Media to choose from.

  • Romance – Dark Passion
  • Fantasy – Chalice Moon
  • Non-Fiction – Seance Experiments
  • Young Adult – When Dragons Sleep
  • Literary – Allan Gilbreath A Short Story Collection

A Christmas Story Like No Other

Not ready to give up Christmas just yet? Enjoy a good mystery? Then today is your lucky day!

A North Pole Mystery
The Blood In Snowflake Garden

Can murder happen in the jolliest city on Earth? During the early months of 1965, Vladimir Volsky, the Premier of Santa’s city at the North Pole is shot and killed in a city where firearms are forbidden.

Max Sneed, a retired Police chief finds himself reluctantly drawn back into service to investigate the murder. He is joined by a young British journalist, Robert Watson. Rob finds himself disillusioned by the short comings of the North Pole as well as how the turbulent events of the 1960’s are echoed in Santa’s city.

The men soon learn that this is far more than just a simple killing. As the list of suspects grows, the murder becomes intertwined with cold war politics, corporate espionage, labor disputes and a growing civil rights movement that threatens to destroy everything that Santa has built.

Get it today!  The Blood In Snowflake Garden   By D. Alan Lewis