Tool Talk Radio: 10.08.2022: From Critters to New Energy Systems

Joe and Allan kick things off with a text about squirrels in the wall and what to do about that. They get into the science of new energy storage systems under the ocean. New trash collection systems are being put into service around the world. Finally, they look at the drama involved in building the Chrysler Building, 40 Wall Street, and The Empire State Building.

Tool Talk Radio: 6.25.2022: Batteries – Past, Present, and Future

Joe and Allan start off with a salute to the battery, past, present, and future. They cover topics from the storage of mechanical energy to the future of nuclear diamonds. Next, they explore 30 Years of Stupid with a fence system built out of raw (untreated) wood. Joe triggers Allan with a news article about people replacing their lawns with astro-turf. They wrap up by talking about the 1983 World’s Fair in Chicago and its lasting effect present today.