Puzzle Fun Continues. Are you up to the challenge?

It’s the latest in fun with a Find-a-word puzzle for  The Stone Maiden and Other Tales. Wench, imminent, and imagination, these words will draw you into a collection of stories covering sorcerers, space captains, common criminals, or even common housewives.

Every story invites the reader into a world where things are not always what they seem, where events do not always turn out as one expects. Download the puzzle, find the words, and unlock hours of fun!


Find-A-Word Book Puzzles

Download a Word Search / Find-A-Word puzzle for your favorite Dark Oak Press book and test your powers of observation. Find the first occurrence of each of the words in the corresponding book. Seek out the answers to the three words at the bottom. More puzzles will be added soon so keep checking back.

{Looking for the answers? Go to the author’s site and find the answer guide complete with page numbers. You’ll find a quick link to their site under Writers in the menu bar at the top of the page.}

Chalice Moon Fill-In-Puzzle

Mysta Fill-In-Puzzle

The Artifice Conspiracy Fill-In-Puzzle

Stone Maiden Fill-In-Puzzle

A Tal Ship, A Star, And Plunder Fill-In-Puzzle

Allan Gilbreath Short Stories Fill-In-Puzzle

Malice In Memphis Elmwood Stories to Die for – Fill-In-Puzzle




Pompous Word Of The Week



This ebullient pompous word refers to the use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language or evasion in speech or writing.

Monday is truly the day of making due in a hypnopompic state while praying for Tuesday to get here even though we may be guilty of circumlocution while making the argument or debate that Monday’s may or may not be all that bad, but we will have to take into consideration that the rest of the week may or may not be all that much better or all that much worse depending on a amazing array of variables that will have to be considered before any actual factual extrapolations can begin.