Pompous Word Of The Week


An amazingly pompous adjective that means sooty or colored by or as if by soot.

Example: Do not get too sarcastic with the Human Torch or he may leave you with a fuliginous demeanor.


Pompous Word Of The Week



This ebullient pompous word refers to the use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language or evasion in speech or writing.

Monday is truly the day of making due in a hypnopompic state while praying for Tuesday to get here even though we may be guilty of circumlocution while making the argument or debate that Monday’s may or may not be all that bad, but we will have to take into consideration that the rest of the week may or may not be all that much better or all that much worse depending on a amazing array of variables that will have to be considered before any actual factual extrapolations can begin.