Geek Tank Radio: Episode 11.27.2021

Joe and Allan talk about advances in science and extinction reversal. The topics range from woolly mammoths to massive 3-D printers. Then the guys talk about Peter Jackson’s new work about the Beetles, “Let It Be” and the new live-action version of the hit anime “Cowboy Bebop”.

Geek Tank Radio: 10.23.2021

Joe, Brandon, and Allan have lots to cover as Halloween approaches. They compare notes on some of the more imaginative yard decorations that they have seen. The movie Halloween Kills has been released and Brandon gives it “knives up” for a review. Allan and Brandon also do their best to get Joe ready to watch Dune and a listener wins free tickets to the upcoming convention for their Bad Geek Confession.

Geek Tank Radio: 10.16.2021

Geek Tank Radio: 10.16.2021

Joe discovers that Allan and Brandon don’t have microwaves, then Brandon, complete with tech issues, boldly leads the conversation on haunted attractions and the level of special effects in use today. Bad Geek Confessions makes a return to the show. They wrap up with William Shatner goes to space and how Star Trek has changed the world.