Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

The Living Tarot
The Living Tarot

The Living Tarot Project

The Living Tarot
The Living Tarot

On a warm Summer afternoon, Kimberly Richardson invited several friends to join her for an unique project.  Armed with makeup, costumes, cameras, and a willingness to look a bit odd in public, they spend an afternoon exploring what it would be like to be photographed as The Living Tarot.


Listen In Sunday Night

Via Diversity Broadcast Network:  Sunday 9pm EST it’s Renee “Live”! Joining me is our favorite skeptic, Allan Gilbreath from Dark Oak Press and Media! Listen in to find out what we are going to talk about! Will Allan get you worked up about the topics we have planned for the evening? Listen if you dare…www.diversitybroadcastingnetwork.com

TuneIn: WDBN also simulcasted on TMV Cafe and Pyramid One Network International North/South

Paranormal Investigator, Horror Author, and Spiritualist Kalila Smith Speaks of Halloween

Check out the interview Alexander S. Brown did with Kalila Smith!

Alexander S. Brown

Kalila Smith has been a name imbedded in my head since I experienced the New Orleans Ghost Tours.  The first book of hers I ever bought was New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo, and Vampires and I was hooked since.  For years, I had wanted to meet her and when I opened the guidelines for Southern Haunts: Spirits that Walk Among Us, I was beyond thrilled to work with her.  The first time I met her face to face was at a convention and we just happened to bump into one another.  We had that pause moment, where we looked at one another like we had known each other for a lifetime.  Then after a huge hug, we immediately clicked, and I have her to thank for my level of spirituality that I now have.  It is my greatest pleasure to interview a woman that I highly respect and that I feel…

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Celebrate Halloween with a Ghost Hunt! Kalila Smith Shows You How in Searching for Spirits

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about ghost hunting, paranormal investigations, and the world of spirits, you will want to check out Kalila Smith‘s new book: Searching for Spirits: The Ultimate Guide for Ghost Hunters!

Searching for SpiritsFollow world-renown author & paranormal investigator Kalila Smith into the mysterious world of spirits. This book is a concise “how to” manual for anyone who enjoys a good ghost hunt.

* Learn the history of spiritualism.
* Find out what is a ghost; what it’s not.
* Learn the truth about poltergeists.
* Discover how to conduct a paranormal investigation or a communication session with the dearly departed.
* Find out what pitfalls to avoid when investigating a haunted location.

Delve into the realm of spiritual beings that were never human. Explore the world of demons, real vampires, and join in real case studies conducted by Kalila herself. Taken from her paranormal class at University of New Orleans, many of the case studies have been featured on A&E, Discovery, and Travel Channel television broadcasts. This book will answer your questions about ghost hunting. It is a must have for everyone from the novice to experts. Completely updated and in its second edition, this is one of the first guides for hunting ghosts based on actual first hand experiences.


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Video: Dark Oak Authors Present “Retro Radio” at Alabama Phoenix Festival

Join with Dark Oak authors, the Expedition Unknown team, and a few other crazy people as they perform a hilarious cold read of an early radio drama at one of the Alabama Phoenix Festival‘s evening panels. Each person was given a script they had never seen before and assigned a part. The script was from a 1950’s radio show called Zero Hour, and it was modeled after some of Ray Bradbury’s short stories. Just a warning: it’s at a convention after dark, and words don’t have the same meanings now as they did in the 50’s. (This would probably be rated PG or PG-13 for some adult content.)

Unfortunately for those involved, someone had a video camera…

Retro Radio: 2014

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2014

Performed by:
Allan Gilbreath
Stephen Guenther
Allen Hammack
Tommy Hancock
Stephanie Osborn
Kimberly Richardson
Charis Taylor
Sean Taylor
Tanya Vandesteg
M. B. Weston