On The Spot – Making It Up, Terror, and Twisted

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On The Spot Volume 2

  • Writers making up stories while flying. Were you one of their characters? {Carolyn McSparren & Barbara Christopher}
  • Plot bunny terror. {Jackie Ross Flaum}
  • Twisted holiday dinners with heads? {Mary Balsamo}

On The Spot – Laughing With The Writers

On The Spot is the new playlist on the Dark Oak Press and Media channel. These video shorts will give you a laugh as you peer inside the insanity called a writer’s life. Subscribe today and enjoy the fun.

On The Spot Volume 1

  • Scaring the waiter when you plan a murder… mystery that is! {Carolyn McSparren & Phyllis Appleby}
  • Mother’s confession to her Marine son about the source of violence in her stories. {Kristi Bradley}
  • A biker’s poem – a twisted wolf’s perspective on food. {Larry Hoy}

Get Your Creepy On Before Halloween with – Afternoon Lemonade

Fans of Allan Gilbreath short stories will enjoy this story. You can feel the southern porch, the heat, and that cold glass of lemonade. Would you like a glass?

The perfect audio story for some after dark shivers – Afternoon Lemonade

Check out other stories from Allan Gilbreath and enjoy a peek into his twisted mind.


Haunted New Orleans Videos

Explore communicating with the spirits of haunted New Orleans with 2 episodes of Haunted New Orleans on the Dark Oak Press and Media YouTube Channel.

Part 1 – Kalila Smith, author of Searching For Spirits: The Ultimate Guide for Ghost Hunters talks about the spirit board. Phillip, Psychic, of Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo talks about tarot cards and spirit boards. Hester Evie tells the story behind the Myrtles Plantation haunting.


Part 2 – Andrew Ward and Sara Leiken tell of the haunted International HS New Orleans. Kalilia Smith explores an office building haunting and insight into using communication boards.

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Haunted New Orleans

Welcome our latest addition to the Dark Oak Press and Media YouTube channel.  Just in time for “Vampires for Valentines” we are happy to offer:

French QuarterSpecial thanks to Kalila Smith for bring us these wonderful shows.  Check them out, you will enjoy learning more about the haunted side of one of America’s favorite cities.  You can also learn more in her book “Tales From The French Quarter”.

And the best part, we have lots more coming this spring!

Don’t forget about all of our upcoming Library Panels now all over the MidSouth.  I am pretty sure we will cover a topic you want somewhere near and soon!


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