Writing Romance

Valentines is approaching and it’s a great time to work on writing those love scenes. Authors Kristi Bradley and Patricia Potter help writers with the challenges of writing love scenes. Learn how to use those scenes to help your readers connect with your characters. Explore the types of scenes and how they vary by genre in this YouTube video from Dark Oak Press and Media. Post your own love scene writing challenges and share with your friends.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing for Publication at the Hernando Library

The Beginner’s Guide To Writing for Publication – This 6 part series features authors Kristi Bradley, Pat Sawtelle, and Allan Gilbreath. Recorded live at the Hernando First Regional Library we’ve broken the topic into smaller video segments for you.
Part 1 – Levels of publishing, finish the book before editing, beta readers, and the business of writing.
Part 2 – Tropes, pitches, and hooking the reader.
Part 3 – Great characters.
Part 4 – Data dumping, word choices, and guidelines.
Part 5 – Beta readers and story techniques.
Part 6 – Research and application.
We hope you find our YouTube videos helpful. If you don’t find a topic, post a note about it in the comments.

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On The Spot – Insanity, and Voices In Your Head

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On The Spot Volume 4

  • The importance of insanity and voice in funny mysteries (47 plays-wow!). {Phyllis Appleby
  • The characters in your mind won’t shut up even for 30+ years. {Lynn Maples}
  • Maybe asking Ebay about selling body parts wasn’t a good voice to listen to. {Lynn Maples}

Attack of the Killer Beignets

As a mild-mannered publisher moves about the convention he is attacked by Killer Beignets. Enjoy the movie.

Post Production Interviews and Part 2 – These short videos give you insight into the silly side of authors when they have a few minutes of free time at a convention. The videos feature M. B. Weston, Tommy Hancock, and Kimberly Richardson.

The video includes a special appearance by the Plot Bunny.

Filmed live at the Imaginarium Convention in 2014 this group of authors and publishers show they can do more than write… well, maybe you should be the judge of that.

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