Tool Talk Radio: 9.03.2022: From Hummingbird Day to the Brooklyn Bridge

Joe and Allan start the day off with a quick salute to Hummingbird Day. Then the guys tackle a couple of questions from listeners. What is the wax ring and why is it important? Allan and Joe launch into why mounting the toilet properly is so important. The second question leads to lots of information about repurposing old furniture. Joe is also updating his kitchen and just bought a new stove. Max wants to know why the Sorlein ceiling bed is making a comeback. Joe explores the history of building the Brooklyn Bridge. They wrap up with a quick exchange over new ladder technologies.

Geek Tank Radio: 9.02.2022: Winnie the Pooh and The Sandman

Joe, Brandon, and Allan start off with the new horror movie involving Winnie the Pooh. As more characters like this enter the public domain, more unusual uses like “Blood and Honey” will be forthcoming. Brandon also has a prediction about changes coming up in the streaming services and how content is divided up. They wrap up by getting into The Sandman. The comic book cult classic is finally now a live action that is delivering the goods.

Tool Talk Radio: 8.27.2022: The Sidney Opera House

Joe and Allan are on the road at the Bartlett Animal Shelter for the Dog Days of Summer. They get started with hints and tips about installing and maintaining fences. Then, they get to chat with Loren Love from E&L Gourmet Hotdogs about just what does take to be gourmet. Joe has discovered floating flooring and the wide variety in flooring choices these days. The guys get into the complicated history of the building of the Sidney Opera House. They wrap up discussing water management and urban planning in the future.