Sample Sunday: Read a Bit of Finder’s Keepers by Jeremy Hicks & Barry Hayes!

FindersLooking for a new fantasy read that includes secret chests, unknown lands, undead, and an adventure (and a wreck) on a ship? Look no further than Finders Keepers, the first book in the Cycles of Ages Saga, by Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes.

Finders Keepers tells the story of Kaladimus Dor, both dopey and dangerous, who finds himself racing home across the sea aboard the mighty caravel, Nightsfall. He must return with the secretive contents of the chest in his possession to his home on the island of Moor’Dru. Unfortunately, his disastrous nature shipwrecks him and the survivors on an island full of ravenous inhabitants, both living and undead. Dor allies himself with members of the Finders Keepers mercenary guild and others to search for the Hallowed Vessel, their only means of escape from the nightmare.

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