Geek Tank Radio: 1.08.2022

Joe, Brandon, and Allan start off with rouge planets wandering the galaxy and wind up estimating the mineral value of passing asteroids and how we are going to mine them. They celebrate the launching of the new James Webb telescope and then wrap up chatting about the new show, “The Book of Boba Fett”.

Geek Tank Radio: 1.01.2022

Joe and Allan ring in the Happy New Year of 2022. They are joined by Jessie Gaston with Anime Blues Remix and they talk about what to expect at an anime remix and lots of great reasons why you should try one out. Then they are visited by Aubrey Stephens with ShadowCon and they dive further into the experience of attending a convention and enjoying all that they offer.

Geek Tank Radio: 12.18.2021

Brandon and Allan take a quick look at the new Spider-Man movie, then they move on to space mining and water on Mars. The guys take a shot or two at bad holiday foods and talk about how geeky products are everywhere now. They wrap up the show with the resurgence of Victorian traditions like the Christmas Eve ghost stories.

Tool Talk Radio: 12.11.2021

Joe and Allan are joined by Brandon from Geek Tank Radio. They start off with a salute to the circuit breaker and a reminder to check on your external grounding wire. They cover recycling plastics into pavers and building bricks that are stronger than concrete. Then, they dive into the trials and tribulations of holiday decorating including when critters get in on the action. Finally, Max leads the discussion on the repair art of Kentsugi, where the repair is highlighted not hidden.