Geek Tank Radio: 3.18.2023: Robotic Kitty Litter Boxes

Joe, Brandon, and Allan start out with the new amount of tech designed for pets and pet owners. Max stops by the peat bog with a visit with the Tollund Man. The guys are all catching up on the Mandalorian, but Allan has a villain question for Brandon. He has an amazing answer.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.11.2023: The Vril-Ya Bazaar and Now We Have Robots

Joe leads Brandon and Allan into the Vril-Ya Bazaar and Fete of 1891 and how this may have been the the very first science fiction convention. Batman: Caped Crusader has found a new home over at Amazon. Bear Robotics is now making a robotic server/busser named Servi. Yes, the robots are here and Joe looks worried.

Geek Tank Radio: 3.05.2023: To AI or not to AI

The guys start of with a short conversation about the new season of The Mandalorian and all of the directions the show can go from here. Then it is all about how artificial intelligence is creeping into everything. There are new apps that can produce all kinds of artwork in a variety of styles. It seems that AI is starting to influence everything from music to college papers and even story telling, both movies and books.

Geek Tank Radio: 2.25.2023: Movie Attendance, Star Trek History, And Star Wars Politics

Joe, Brandon, and Allan jump right in with a short chat about Cocaine Bear and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Next, they salute John and Bjo Trimble for their role in helping to keep the original Star Trek on the air. Finally, they get into the twisted politics of the new Star Wars programming.

Geek Tank Radio: 2.18.2023: Tetris and Trigun

Joe, Brandon, and Allan have a lot to cover this week. Joe is amazed by the trailer for the upcoming story about how Tetris made it to the United States and the Gameboy. Joe and Brandon went to see the further adventures of the Antman and The Wasp in Quantumania and have a review. Allan and Brandon are excited about the new CG version of the classic manga Trigun.

Geek Tank Radio: 2.11.2023: Daco Swords to Tractor Beams

Max starts off the news of a seven foot long sword unearthed in an archeological dig in Japan. Joe really wants to see it. Brandon takes on the news that AMC Theaters is starting line of sight pricing. Brandon is not a fan. Allan brings us the science news that a macroscopic tractor beam is now a real thing.