Geek Tank Radio: 10.09.2021

Joe, Brandon, and Allan dive into the new “Dune” trailer, William Shatner headed into space, and more Halloween talk. John Dee, Cortez, Aztecs, smoking mirrors, the Victorian age, and more all gets tossed on the holiday table. The guys wrap up with a character from their past as they get a visit from Dr. Judgementor.

It Is Time!

It is now officially September and that means all that happy summer stuff is over.  It is the start of the Halloween season my dear friends and fiends.  It is now time to get serious. If we all love books and we do, it is time to make the commitment.  Start supporting your writers.  I know this is not my normal tone, but these are not normal times.  Books are the original escapist media and this Fall needs to be time we get back to the basics.  Memphis is blessed with a small number of wonderful indie bookstores and double blessed that we just got a premium indie store literally from the ashes of a lost landmark.  Time to darken their doors and show them just a little love.

Ladies and gentleman, we have serious books ready to take you to the places you want to go.  Let’s start with a book just right for the season.  Chapter One is available for a free taste on the website.

Chalice Moon by Pat Sawtelle

Better the Vampire You Know

A seemingly random attack exposes Kimie and her best friend to a part of the world the girls never knew existed. A world where vampires and shape shifters not only exist, but are people they know. However, when another attack nearly kills Kimie, her friends must find out why some of the magical beings are after her.

Could this simple human girl be the legendary Chalice mentioned in that old tale they found? The story said the Chalice is bound to the delicate balance between the forces of good and evil. While the part of taking from evil and giving to good didn’t sound too bad to Kimie, it never said so many people would want to see her dead.

Celebrate Halloween with a Ghost Hunt! Kalila Smith Shows You How in Searching for Spirits

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about ghost hunting, paranormal investigations, and the world of spirits, you will want to check out Kalila Smith‘s new book: Searching for Spirits: The Ultimate Guide for Ghost Hunters!

Searching for SpiritsFollow world-renown author & paranormal investigator Kalila Smith into the mysterious world of spirits. This book is a concise “how to” manual for anyone who enjoys a good ghost hunt.

* Learn the history of spiritualism.
* Find out what is a ghost; what it’s not.
* Learn the truth about poltergeists.
* Discover how to conduct a paranormal investigation or a communication session with the dearly departed.
* Find out what pitfalls to avoid when investigating a haunted location.

Delve into the realm of spiritual beings that were never human. Explore the world of demons, real vampires, and join in real case studies conducted by Kalila herself. Taken from her paranormal class at University of New Orleans, many of the case studies have been featured on A&E, Discovery, and Travel Channel television broadcasts. This book will answer your questions about ghost hunting. It is a must have for everyone from the novice to experts. Completely updated and in its second edition, this is one of the first guides for hunting ghosts based on actual first hand experiences.


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