Don’t Forget the Seminar: Finding Your Voice – I Didn’t Know I Lost It!

Nov 16th – Finding Your Voice – I Didn’t Know I Lost It! What is voice in writing and how do you find yours. Learn to tell the difference between voice and style.  Writer’s Block has you stalled – we have tips on getting past them. Don’t forget to check out the weekly DOP Expeditious Writing Tips on the DOP website for additional writing tips.

This Thursday night, November 16th, 2017,  from 7 pm to 8 pm at National College (2576 Thousand Oaks Cove, Memphis, TN).  Space will be limited to twelve (12) people for these first few events. Each seminar will be filmed and set up for viewing online.  Only one reservation per person and the first twelve in is it.  Email your request to