Books For The Busy life!

For the avid book lover there is nothing more frustrating than a busy life. You want to read, but you don’t want to miss that soccer game or dance recital. We have a solution…. Anthologies!

These quick reads give you the satisfaction of reaching the end of a good story in a short amount of time. As an added bonus, you can sample the writing style of  several authors or genres like tasting everything on the dessert menu. They also make great gifts for friends and family! Visit our catalog and read a bit from the books to pick your starting point and enjoy the satisfaction of reading again.

  • Capes & Clockworks (books 1 & 2)
  • Dreams of Steam (books 1 & 2)
  • Gadgets
  • Gizmos
  • Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells
  • The Big Bad (books 1 & 2)
  • Luna’s Children” Stranger Worlds
  • Realms of Imagination
  • A Tall Ship, a Star and Plunder
  • Malice In Memphis Ghost Stories
  • Malice in Memphis Bluff City Mysteries
  • Malice In Memphis Elmwood: Stories to Die For



Capes and Clockwork 2 – Releases on 7.26.16!

cc2xlgSuperheroes in the Age of Steam
Return again to a forgotten time when steam and clockwork powered the world, and heroes rose to battle against the sinister forces that threatened the world. Some former heroes return to the fight, while new ones rise up in this fusion of fantasy, beauty, and adventure. Tease your imagination with twenty stories of good versus evil, monster versus hero, steam versus muscle.

The Tales:
Roger Dawkins and the Automaton Medusa by Adam Millard
Captain Amy and the Tower of Talon by D. Alan Lewis
Ecuadorian Adventure by Logan L. Masterson
Back Alley Battle Hymn by A. J. Johnson
County Fairy Tale by John G. Hartness
The Night Mississippi Declared War on the Moon by Brandon Black
Revenge of the Gorgons by John A. McColley
Wishing Well by Andrea Judy
Yellow Bird Mission by Christopher J. Valin
Breaking the Barrier by Herika R. Raymer
To Catch a Unicorn by M. D. Stewart
Destructible by Alexander S. Brown
JerryRigg – In Need of a Fix by Ray Dean
The Runaway City by Konstantine Paradias
Ten Thousand Several Doors by David J. Fielding
The Fluff and the Fury Five by Jeremy Hicks
The Lady Wore Black by Michael Krog
The Stowaway by M. B. Weston
Inertia by Robert J. Krog
Not So These City Beasts by Sean Taylor

Let’s take it just a little darker!

gizmosxlgSteampunk teases your imagination with the fantastic and makes dreams a reality. Bizarre characters abound in a world driven by gizmos. Steam power combines with clockwork cleverness to take the history we think we know so well and add a huge twist of what if. These 19 incredible stories will take you back in time to where style, crazy inventions, and scandal ruled the headlines.
Miss Alice Grayson and the Specter of Death by Stephen D. Rogers
Commander Tesla and the Zeppelins by Philip R. Cox
Monsters from the ID by Herika R. Raymer
The Book by J. L. Mulvihill
Second Chances by Dwayne Debardelaben
The Peace Machine by Jared Millet
For the Hate of Steam by Missa Dixon
The Clockwork Cockroaches of Thelema by Cindy Macleod
Three Poems by Jerri Hardesty
Kaylana by D. Alan Lewis
Just Like Clockwork by Melinda Lafevers
In Deep by Kirk Hardesty
The Clockwork Gunslingers by Robert J. Krog
Fire on the Mountain by John Hartness
Queen of Steam by Louise Herring-Jones
Estrella Waits by Kathryn Hinds
The Unseen Hand by Allan Gilbreath
Meridian by Kimberly Richardson
The Finder’s Keeper by Jason Cordova

Steam Rules!

gadgetsxlgSteampunk teases your imagination with the fantastic and makes dreams a reality. Bizarre characters abound in a world driven by gadgets. Steam power combines with clockwork cleverness to take the history we think we know so well and add a huge twist of what if. These 15 incredible stories will take you back in time to where style, crazy inventions, and scandal ruled the headlines.

Gift of Light by Stephen Zimmer
Steampunk Alchemy by Jodi Adamson
The Survivor by M. B. Weston
Heart of Steel by Len Berry
A Steam Bunny Adventure by Sean Taylor
Time and the Wrinkled Prostitute by Brandon Black
The Brass Peregrine by David R. Tabb
The Last Frontier by H. David Blalock
The Constance of Memory by Stacy Tabb
When Edgar Speaks by Alexander S. Brown
The Tower by Laura H. Smith
Steaming Cherry by Tyree Campbell
The Clockwork Gin by Eden Royce
The Great Steamship Race by Rob Cerio
The Soul of the Sky Queen by Patricia M. Rose

More Clockwork!

dosiixlgMurder, mystery, and amazing steam technology come together to give you a dark taste of the prim and proper Victorian age. Steampunk teases your imagination with the fantastic and makes dreams a reality. These 25 incredible stories will take you to a time in history when crazy inventions and scandal were born.

The Tales:
Of Heroes and Airships – Victor Lorthos – One reporter’s unforgettable journey!
Death With A Glint Of Bronze – Sean Taylor – Criminal hands hide dirty secrets.
For The Fear Of Steam – Missa Dixon – Charlie is back with new friends and adventures!
Dreams Of Freedom – Len Berry – Texas honor comes to London!
The Real Magic – H. David Blalock – Sometimes, the real magic comes from within.
The Third Eye – Alexander S. Brown – How far would you go to solve a murder?
In Tesla’s Court – Robert Cerio – Twain, Tesla and time travel!
Commander Tesla Versus The Holy Roman Empire – Phillip R. Cox – Nikola Tesla prepares for war!
Protege – Dwayne DeBardelaben – Have you ever been happier in your life?
The Perfect Woman – Kara Ferguson – How far will you go to find that “special” someone?
The Tale Of Lady Helvetica – Christopher Friesen – Murder most foul, but with serious style.
The Locked Door – Allan Gilbreath – Inspector Peele faces another phenomenal mystery!
Great Minds – Jeff Ollen Harris – What would you use to fuel your rocket?
Grass Elephant – M. Keaton – Return to the Dark Continent!
Cicada Summer – Jon Klement – A brave girl faces an alien menace in the old West!
The Big Golden Apple – Cindy MacLeod – One man’s folly is truly his reality.
The Automated Man – Alli Martin – Going against the grain can sometimes give ironic results.
Jumping The Rails – Jared Millet – Man vs. Machine . . . or is it?
Chilled Meat – J. L. Mulvihill – Can murder ever be fair play?
Steam Race – Herika R. Raymer – Gas vs. Steam: the race is on!
Winnet’s Octavian – Laura H. Smith – A young girl goes far to protect her only friend.
The Devil’s Children – Angelia Sparrow and Joy Coop – Family comes first, no matter what.
The Boys In The Boiler Room – David Tabb – Sam Spade, Steampunk style!
Bedeviled – Nick Valentino – Demonic torment for the greater glory of art.
The Island Sojourn – Stephen Zimmer – Harvey the cat solves another case!

Dreams of Steam – Free on Kindle!

dosteamxlgTravel back to a time when steam powered inventions ruled the land, water, and sky. It’s a time of extraordinary contraptions and innovative ideas created by men and women who dared to ask the question, “What if?” Peer through the glazed window into a world long gone, but not forgotten. Make a cup of tea, find a comfortable chair, strap on your goggles, and be amazed at the power of steam!

The Summer of Super Heroes!!!

Capes & ClockworkGet Serious About Your Super Heroes!!!

During a forgotten time when the world was powered by steam and clockwork, heroes arose to do battle against the forces of evil. Some were outfitted with the latest technology. Others were changed by the mysteries of science and magic, while a few came from the skies. Capes and Clockwork fuses the fantasy and beauty of steampunk with the action and adventure of the superhero genre. Tease your imagination with sixteen stories of good versus evil, monster versus hero, and steam versus muscle!

The Tales:
Roger Dawkins and the Steam Daemons by Adam Millard
Keely by D. Alan Lewis
Catching Steam by Andrea Judy
Clockwork Demons by Logan L. Masterson
At the Quiet Limit of the World by David J. Fielding
Indestructible by Alexander S. Brown
Ectoplasmic Eradicators Wanted: Professional Inquiries only – A Timothy Flood Adventure by Nikki Nelson-Hicks
Captain Amy and the Steam-Driven Kittens of Doom by Azrael Wolf
Thursday Morrow by Robert J. Krog
Lost Child’s Little Protector by Herika R. Raymer
The Gears Of Justice by Brent Nichols
Aeolus, Chiron, and Medusa by John A. McColley
Blastbucket by Christopher J. Valin
Beneath Familiar Suns by Konstantine Paradias
Deep Diving Death Defying Dwarves of the Deep: A Tale from the Cycle of Ages Saga by Jeremy Hicks
White Lightning by John G. Hartness