Enjoy Halloween With Dark Oak’s Newest Werewolf Novel: Syrenthia Falls

With last week’s full moon finally waning, bring it back again by slipping into Dark Oak‘s newest werewolf novel by Alexander S. Brown: Syrenthia Falls! All you need is a cozy corner, a cup of spiced cider, a flash light, and maybe some pepper spray if you get scared…

Syrenthia Falls Syrenthia is a teenage misfit who has never tasted friendship or romance. She has always been typecast as a wallflower, black sheep, and bookworm. Near the beginning of her senior year, she is befriended by Sarah who introduces her to a group of classmates that accept her as is.

Syrenthia quickly learns that this group of free spirited teenagers shares her strongest interest, urban legends. Each day, she learns more and more about a place called “The Falls” where someone or something has terrorized the land for years and only those with a death wish dare to venture out.

Upon arrival, the friends see that “The Falls” is nothing more than a swimming hole, a sandbar, and a waterfall. All is fun and games, until night falls. Once the full moon shines overhead, they are faced with a monstrous beast that is savage and extremely hungry. Only two people survive, one escapes unharmed, the other, Syrenthia, is not so lucky. However, over the passing weeks, Syrenthia grows to be a powerful and dangerous force. One by one her enemies are subjected to her wrath.

Click here for a sample chapter: Chapter One.

For adult audiences. Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

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