Let’s Set The Mood Right!

goth318Take a fascinating and disturbing walk through this collection of stories the darker side of the Gothic/Steampunk point of view as written by a Goth librarian.

Kimberly Richardson guides you through modern situations and intrigues from a darkly poignant point of view. Her characters will take you back to the Victorian mindset as they deal with desperation, obsession, and despair. In this anthology, Kimberly embraces the Gothic/Steampunk style and adds her unique voice to the genre.

Madison de Macabre – Dance if you must.
Non Compos Mentis – Can the long needles make you better?
Silk – Skin so silky smooth.
Dream Guardian – Dreaming in vivid colours and sounds.
Multicoloured Souls – You never know who you might meet.
Peau – Just what is a book?
Sulfur – A tale of elves, demons, centuars, and magic.
Purple and Black – Beware the price of a muse.
Cover Her with Violets – Every family has dark secrets.
Goth Poetry – A unique view into dark thoughts.


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