Great Action Makes A Great Gift!

dragonssleepxlgDragons Reign Supreme

Mankind had no place in a world where dragons reign supreme. In fact, they were considered little more than a distraction for the young or bored, insignificant insects to be manipulated for entertainment or destroyed as pests. All that changed when Thytira, one of the greatest mages of dragonkind, discovered that the magic of man may have merit after all. After living among humanity for centuries to learn their lore and increase his own power, he emerged as the most powerful dragon of his generation. But all knowledge has a price, and years spent among mankind cursed Thytira with the greatest liability a dragon can have: a conscience.

Now as war drums sound and a new, terrifying threat arises from humanity, Thytira alone stands between the wrath of dragonkind and the total destruction of humanity. However, the fate of men and dragon alike may ultimately depend upon the decisions of a young woman who long ago denied the birthright of her race. But that is only if Thytira can find her …

creitonsxlgLiving Legends

Creiton’s Swords were legends in their own lifetimes. The tales of Duke Creiton’s personal guard were known in every tavern and alehouse, but for Bryant they were just stories. He had no time for stories. It was all he could do to carve a place for himself among the guard of Bren while coming to terms with guilt for the family he’d left behind. But then the bells of Bren pealed out the warning of war, and there was only time for survival.

Bryant’s first taste of battle was nothing like the ballads. He saw no glory or honor in the butchery, and instead of riches there was only terror and ignoble death. But as he buried his closest friend, Bryant made a simple promise that would change his life. Never again would he stand idly by when he had the power to act. Never again would he hide behind the lie of helplessness. And when his first act on that promise led to saving a powerful nobleman’s life, Bryant found he’d started down a road with no way back. For Bryant had gained the attention of Creiton’s Swords, and no one who did that was ever the same again…


New Seminar & Location:  Instilling Humor in Your Writing

Dec 11 / 2017 – Even the darkest of themes can use a little humor. Discover how you can mix humor and horror and why it can be useful. Do readers and authors laugh at the same thing? There are many ways to laugh in writing -the humorous laugh versus the nervous titter. Does the humor flow naturally or do you have to work it in to change the scene? Don’t forget to check out the weekly DOP Expeditious Writing Tips on the Dark Oak Press website for additional writing tips.

Check out our new location and special night this month: Monday night from 7 pm to 8 pm at Germantown Community Library (1925 Exeter Rd, Germantown, TN).  Space will be limited to twelve (12) people for these first few events. Each seminar will be filmed and set up for viewing online.  Call the Germantown Library (901) 757-7323 and register today!

T’is The Season

We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.  Don’t worry about those amazing holiday meals and desserts, those calories don’t count, they are for keeping you warm this winter.  That sounded good anyway 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came out to the MCFC ( convention in Memphis. It is always great to reconnect with fans and catch up on the news since the last convention.  It is also fabulous to met new fans and share in the discovery of whole new worlds.  If you have not come to a convention yet, you really should.  It is like finding a lot tribe of people that totally get you.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Malice in Memphis ( book release event at Novel Memphis ( for the new Elmwood: Stories To Die For (  It was great to see so many people supporting this organization.  As a not so subtle hint, this book will make a great holiday gift to yourself or any mystery reader you have in the family.

Snowflake GardenAs a great read for this time of year:
The Blood in Snowflake Garden by D. Alan Lewis
Max Sneed, a retired Police chief finds himself reluctantly drawn back into service to investigate the murder. For Max, exploring the dark seedy side of the jolliest city on Earth is nothing compared to facing the demons of his own past. He is joined by a young British journalist, Robert Watson. Rob finds himself disillusioned by the short comings of the North Pole as well as how the turbulent events of the 1960’s are echoed in Santa’s city.



Jan 6th and 7th ShadowCon